Retirement planning

It is never too early to start thinking about retirement planning. CK Solutions AG offers you comprehensive and professional support.

People are living longer, more independent lives and have more opportunities to shape their lives in a self-determined way. They also want to live well as seniors, be financially secure or perhaps fulfill one or two wishes and aspirations. Some dream of early retirement - an option that is not cheap and therefore needs to be thought through carefully. The three pillars of the Swiss pension system build up your retirement provision over years and decades - for seniors, in the event of disability and in the event of death. We help you to look forward to a financially self-determined future.

The optimal financial mix

It is important to make provisions for the financial future, not only in the case of early retirement, but also in general. Real estate is very popular in this regard, as it is hardly susceptible to major losses in value, especially in Switzerland. Another risk hedge is expected capital withdrawals from life insurance policies and similar long-term investments, which should be taken out in good time. The financial mix later depends crucially on how specifically one works towards retirement. Together with our clients, we find the optimal tailor-made solutions.

Do you have any questions about your pension provision or how to financially secure your family? Would you like to find out what you need to do before you retire to close your pension gaps? Or would you like to find out about saving and investing? Contact us for a comprehensive consultation.