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Mortgage, real estate, tax and retirement solutions.

Do you dream of owning a house or a condominium? CK Solutions AG supports you in making this dream come true.
Real Estate
CK Solutions AG is your reliable partner for marketing your property from A to Z. We evaluate your property, look after the prospective buyers and are there for you until the closing and during the handover phases. We assist you with your tax questions, with the investment of your sales proceeds and with the search for a new property.
Very few people like to deal with their taxes. Let CK Solutions AG complete your tax return and save you time, money and nerves.
Retirement planning
It is never too early to start thinking about retirement planning. CK Solutions AG offers you comprehensive and professional support.
FMH Services
FMH Services, the service organization for doctors and other medical professionals and institutions in Switzerland, recommends CK Solutions AG for consulting in the areas of retirement planning
Ask for the best, get the best!

CK Solutions AG, is a Company based in Basel, we offer professional and easy advice in the areas of real estate, mortgages, taxes and pensions. Our experienced team will be happy to provide you with personal support in comparing mortgages and insurances, buying and selling real estate and in tax returns.

We are the best solution for your financial affairs. We provide our services with passion and joy. Your satisfaction is our greatest…

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